Are you ready? I don’t think you are. This announcement is big. It’s exciting. And….

I’m going to draw it out as long as I possibly can. You can skip to the bottom if you want. But that’s cheating. And you’ll miss all of the important stuff before I get to the really important thing!

Catching You Up

As some of you know my husband is graduating with his bachelors degree this December so there are a lot of changes coming up in our life! He has officially accepted a job about 2 hours from where we currently live. So we will be moving at the end of the year! We are so excited about the move and the opportunity!

The last few months have been absolutely insane! Between me working full-time and taking on an internship for a few weeks as well as Ryan taking 18 hours and working a couple different jobs as well as applying for post-graduation jobs and doing an insane amount of interviews and both of us stressing out about where we’re going to move we have barely had time to breathe. Most of you have probably noticed that around August I sort of dropped off the face of the earth as far as blog-related stuff. Which honestly was so hard! I love blogging, it’s a great outlet, plus it’s super fun to interact with other bloggers.

With Ryan working full-time I will be able to work a part-time job with minimal hours as just a way to bring in a little extra money to pay off debt faster or have some spending money. This is awesome not only because I will get to be home more, but I will also have quite a bit more time to devote to my blog! Which is great, because I’ve really missed it!


What You Can Expect

Posts may still be a little here-and-there until the new year as we finish up the semester, celebrate Ryan’s graduation, and settle in our new home. I do hope to have some quality holiday related posts, though!  Ryan and I are also celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary on January 7th! After that I’m hoping to get on a more consistent posting schedule. Content will be mostly similar to what I’ve posted in the past, though I hope to be able to do more fashion posts as I have the ability to get out and take some high quality OOTD pictures and such! I also want to do some posts about the moving process and my home decorating! There’s also going to be just a few little changes in post style which is related to the big announcement at the end of this post.

I plan to go back to my 3 post a week schedule. I’d also really like to get a high quality camera and be able to start doing YouTube videos. If you have a YouTube channel I’d love your camera and editing software suggestions (I have a PC, but I have access to Ryan’s MacBook so either kinds of programs are great!)


Now For the Announcement

A few months ago I did a post called 101 in 1001 where I listed 101 goals I would like to accomplish in the next 2.75 years. You can check out the page to see my progress on those goals. I’ll start or attain many of them in the next few months just because of our move which is awesome!

You might notice that under “Adulting Goals” (ok I just have to stop for a second and say that when I typed “Adulting” there was a red squiggly “misspelled” line under the word and I couldn’t figure out how to spell it correctly and it took a good 3-4 re-typings for me to remember that “adulting” is not a real word) number 21 is a “secret goal”. It’s also in bold now! Which means I’ve accomplished this secret goal. Which is the entire point of this post

I’m Actually Going to Get to It I Promise

So, first of all I would like to say that I am a terrible secret keeper! I’ve been keeping this under wraps since September and it was not easy. I ended up telling a lot of people I really hadn’t intended to! I’m really good at keeping other people’s secrets. If you tell me not to tell anyone I won’t. But I am rubbish at keeping my own. You should all be incredibly impressed that I managed to not talk about it before now!

Ok, being totally honest I wrote this post about a month before publishing it because I’m hoping it will get it out of my system. And if you’ve been following me on social media then you might already know since I opted to post this a day or two after the official social media announcement in order to make sure the people I know in real life knew first. I love my readers, but news like this deserves to go to family and friends first.


Our Announcement Photo

So in case the photo is too subtle: WE’RE PREGNANT!

We’re super excited to introduce Baby S into the world in early summer 2018! My official due date is May 31st, but only 5% of babies are born on their due date.

If you have any questions about pregnancy in general, or specifically ours leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! I’d love to do a pregnancy FAQ post. If there’s enough questions I’ll do one related to each trimester. We’ll won’t be finding out the gender until January, but I’d love to see your guesses!

I will definitely have some other big baby-related posts, but if you want to follow along with some other stuff that I may not bother making full blog posts or get it in real time even if I do post about it here later like gender reveal, maternity OOTDs, the official birth announcement, probably way too many adorable baby pictures, etc. be sure you’re following me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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