Favorite Scents for Spring and Summer

I know it’s only March but I am soooooooo ready for spring. Originally I planned for this post to be my favorite winter candles as I was putting them away, and I may still end up doing that in a week or two, but after stopping by Bath & Body Works yesterday I HAD to talk about spring fragrances. I’ve also included links to where you can buy each of the fragrances online, though all of these are also available as body wash, scrubs, lotions, etc.

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The first thing I have to admit is that I usually buy the small bottles of their body spray because the giant bottles usually last me forever. It’s so much easier to get 3 great small fragrances for $12.50 than one giant fragrance for $14. But all of these are large bottles. You can see in the pictures that there is barely anything gone despite having had these since last spring. There’s no denying the value if you prefer to only ever wear one scent, but I prefer a little variety.

The second thing I have to admit is that my favorite, Peace, Love and Daisies is actually discontinued. You can’t even find it on the retired fragrance section of the Bath & Body Works website, which is honestly super unfortunate. I’ve decided to include it anyway, because you can find it on Amazon. It’s a little pricier, but in my opinion totally worth it. I’ve had this fragrance for two years and use it often (probably too much) but you can still see in the picture that I’ve used up a little less than 1/5th of the bottle. I love this scent because it’s fresh and floral without being overly sweet. It has just the right amount of musk to it to wear for a casual date night or going out with friends, while still being totally appropriate (read: not overly sexy) for work.[/caption]

The next scent on my list is Pretty as a Peach. I honestly don’t know how Bath & Body Works manages to make things actually smell juicy  but so many of their fruity fragrances are just that. It smells just like a perfectly ripe peach. I also find the sweetness to be nicely balanced with musk to make it perfect for daytime or nighttime wear and not too overwhelming.

I wanted to get one of the Diamond Shimmer Mists because what 90s girl doesn’t want body glitter as part of their wardrobe? I went with Hello Beautiful. It’s fruity, and floral, and fresh, and everything you could hope for in a spring smell. This one’s musk is only in the very driest notes, so I’d say this one is more for daytime wear, but gurl wear whatever you want whenever you want.

Fourth is Ryan’s favorite, Beautiful Day. I didn’t really care for it at first, but bought it anyway since he loved it so much. It’s obviously still not my absolute favorite since I put it so far down on the list, but I definitely enjoy it! Like Hello Beautiful it’s fruity, floral, and fresh. This one, however, has absolutely 0 musk, which if you wear it too long, working out, or on a particularly hot day you may end up smelling a little chemically. But it’s definitely great for early spring when there’s still a little chill!

I save this one for last, not because I don’t like it as much as the others, but because it’s a new release this year. I am beyond excited about At the Beach. This is definitely more of a summer scent than a spring one. I love how accurate the name is too. I loved it so much that I also bought the sand-and-salt scrub (which I plan to review later) and the body cream! I’m also a big fan of the packaging for this particular scent. This will definitely have you feeling like you’re on an island vacation. You can practically smell the sunscreen. It’s got coconut, palm leaves, citrus fruit, tropical florals, and salty amber. Wear it to work when you’ve run out of vacation days or on weekends when you can’t afford a cruise!

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