Favorites April 2017 & GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!

April was a weird month. My husband was out of town for the vast majority of it (which definitely wasn’t one of my favorites) and I actually didn’t spend much time at home except to eat and sleep! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have some things I really enjoyed!

Here’s my April 2017 favorites:


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Lore Podcast

favorites: lore podcast

I thought about just putting “podcasts” as one of my favorites. I’ve discovered I really love listening to podcasts while working out. Music is great, but podcasts are easy to focus on, and I love learning. To be honest though, this is really the only podcast I’ve listened to so far. Lore is definitely on the creepy side, but it’s right up my alley!


Nike Women’s Air Zoom Elite

blue and orange nikes

I’ve been doing a lot of walking, and I tend to be prone to stress fractures so my Champion shoes that were so lightweight were leaving me limping. I bought new Nike’s and so far they’ve really impressed me! My feet still hurt (because when you walk 5 miles a day that’s just what happens) but they aren’t on the brink of injury! They’re also one of my favorites because while being supportive they aren’t orthopedic looking!


Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

So, we technically saw the movie on March 31st, but I feel like that’s close enough! It was amazing! Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorites as a kid. This definitely lived up to it’s animated counterpart.



I don’t know whether I ordered from Zulily in April, but my packages came this month. It’s a weird concept, basically they have sales from various brands that last a certain amount of time, then when the sale ends those brands mail your order to Zulily and then Zulily sends it on to you. That means it takes a little while for your packages to get to you, but you usually save a lot of money! I paid $16.99 for a shirt with an MSRP of $65!


Vegan Loaded Sweet Potato

Sweet potato

I’m not vegan, but this is probably one of my favorite things I made this month! I posted a recipe about a week ago. It’s got lots of protein, healthy fats, and vitamin C and it’s delicious!


Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet

Too Faced Sweet Peach

I’ve been wanting this pallet forever and was finally able to get my hands on it! It smells so good, the color payoff is amazing, and the color selection is great! The Papa Don’t Peach blush is also the same scent, and the color is excellent even on my super pale skin. I can’t wait to wear both all summer long!



So last week I posted a Sephora giftcard giveaway, and it’s time to announce the results!

In case you didn’t see the giveaway, I’ll explain a little about how it worked. I shared 10 “facts” about myself, 3 of which were FALSE; whoever guessed the 3 would win the giftcard! So now I’m going to re-share those 10 “facts” and let you know the TRUTH!

10 Facts

  1.  I am a professional radio DJ– TRUE! I’ve been working as On-Air talent for about 6 months now.
  2.  Ryan and I have a guinea pig and a dog– TRUE! Our guinea pig’s name is Kerberous (after Hade’s dog), we call him Kerby, and our dog is Knight (can you tell we’re history nerds?)
  3.  In college I majored in Anthropology– FALSE! I majored in history, but if I ever went back I would study forensic anthropology.
  4. I can eat an entire box of Mac and Cheese by myself– TRUE! Not even embarrassed. I usually only make it when Ryan has a test or drill so that I don’t have to share
  5.  My favorite band in high school was Boys Like Girls– TRUE! Pop punk 4 lyf
  6. While trying to pop a wheelie on my Razor scooter I broke my arm– TRUE! I think this is probably the lamest way to break your arm.
  7. I have lived in four different states, 3 of which were in the first 3 years of my life– TRUE! Oklahoma, Kansas, California, back to Kansas, and Arkansas in college.
  8. Throughout my life I have worked 8 jobs (excluding casual babysitting)– FALSE! Nobody guessed this one! I was actually a little tricky with this one because I counted my nannying job which wasn’t casual babysitting, and a couple of jobs I had working for my college that only lasted a couple of weeks. Altogether that adds up to 9 jobs.
  9. My engagement ring was my grandmother’s engagement ring– FALSE! This was also a little tricky, it was her 50th anniversary ring 🙂
  10.  I dislike most kinds of pizza– TRUE! People guessed this one more than any other, but I really don’t enjoy pizza. White sauce, bbq, and buffalo chicken pizzas are ok, but I’d still prefer to eat just about anything else

So since nobody guessed number 8 at all I’ve decided to give the prize to the girls who guessed #3 and #9!


Bea Alvarado and Sami Mast!

I’ve linked to both of their blogs, so check them out! Thanks to everyone who played, this was a fun game! I hope to be doing another give away at the end of this month if all goes according to plan 🙂

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22 Replies to “Favorites April 2017 & GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT!”

  1. I loveeee that eyeshadow palette! So many pretty shades. I totally need to see Beauty and the Beast too. I still haven’t seen it yet!

    1. I was so afraid it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, but it was everything I hoped and more! When I was little I had Belle’s yellow dress in my dressup closet… what I wouldn’t give to have Emma Watson’s dress from the final scene *swoon*

    1. I made some sweet potato chili a while back, it definitely wasn’t vegan (it had ground turkey instead of ground beef though, so health points there!). I’ll eat anything with sweet potatoes or avocados and I am so here for recipes with both!

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