How to Get Better at Self-Development

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Guest post: how to get better at self-developement

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How to get better at self-development

Self-development and self-help is almost everywhere. In the time of the internet, you can learn almost anything online. It became a lot easier to educate yourself, improve yourself and be a better you.
It is that easy though? There are so many possibilities, so many areas you could improve yourself in, so many approaches, methods to try and so many books and blogs telling you what to do. The internet is a powerful tool but as in almost anything, it gives you so many options that it may confuse you more than it does help.
Also, if this is your first time trying self-development, chances are, that you are more confused at first than a pro at it. As with anything new, you have to do it often to get used to it and get better at it. Same with self-development.
So don‘t let failures discourage you, it is not easy to suddenly try to develop yourself if you never did it before. In this blog post I want to give you some tips on how to get a little better in self-development. It could help you finally see a development in whatever area you choose to develop.

Start small

The worst idea you could have is to choose 5 things you want to develop right at the beginning. That is not going to happen. Start small and choose 1 thing you want to be better in. You can‘t turn your life upside down overnight. I mean, you could, but that is really difficult to do. And there is no need for that. Just ease into self-development by trying to improve in one area of your life. That will already make a huge impact on your life and you will feel accomplished.

Don‘t put pressure on yourself

This is absolutely me. Even though I want to work on myself and change something for the better, I would even put pressure on this process and see any failure as the end of the world. That only does harm. Please make yourself clear that self-development is a process and most of the time not an easy one. Be proud of yourself for even noticing that you have to change something and for trying to change it. Change takes time and sometimes we fail. But just get up again, dust yourself off and try again.

If it doesn‘t work, change something

Maybe you are trying very hard but it just doesn‘t want to work out. That‘s okay, too. If you‘re approach doesn‘t work, then don‘t be afraid to try something else. For example, let‘s say you want to do couch to 5k in running. You tried several times to run outside, but you hate it. Sometimes it‘s to warm outside, then it is too cold, then too windy, it is annoying. Instead giving up running altogether, just try the treadmill. Don‘t change your goal, change the circumstances.

Don‘t follow the internet blindly

You can find a lot of tips and methods and tricks and challenges and whatnot on the internet when it comes to self-development. These are all great and could help you tremendously but just know, that it doesn‘t have to be that way. Maybe they doesn‘t work for you. Maybe you have to go your own way and that‘s okay.

Get inspired and motivated

At first, it is easy to be motivated to change something, until it gets hard. If you are low on motivation, that is going to have fatal consequences to your self-development journey. So clearly, you need to get some motivation. You could use books, movies, documentaries, music. Also, you could ask a friend to get on board. You could make it clear once again why you are doing this. If you notice a decrease in your motivation, immediately do something against it. It is a great idea to find out what is going to motivate you before you even start with self-development. This way, you know from the very start what to do if you are feeling low and don‘t want to continue.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself is crucial. This way you condition yourself and there is nothing better than positive reinforcement. Your reward should vary very often and it should be something that ‚surprises‘ you. Because if you get used to the reward, it is going to get boring and then you don‘t look forward to it. It loses its appeal. Also, reward yourself for everything. Yeah, you read it right, EVERYTHING. For every little effort, give yourself a little reward. This is going to motivate you because you feel great and you connect this great feeling with the effort. Simple as that.

Set milestones

Very important: set milestones for yourself. Sometimes it is easier to think about milestones, for example, if you want to lose weight, you could say that your first milestone is losing 5 lb and so on. If you want to learn how to play the piano, it is a little more complicated. You could choose songs that are different levels of difficulty. Whatever it is you try to learn or improve, you need milestones or little goals to work toward. And maybe you could give yourself bigger rewards if you reach a milestone.

Try to have fun

There are all these tips in this blog post, but the most important is this: try to have fun with it. At the beginning every change is hard, just know that, but also try to see the fun side of it. Be proud of yourself. Incorporate music, friends, whatever brings you joy. Self-development is amazing and you should feel amazing doing it. And you are pretty amazing because you are trying to improve yourself! Just keep going!
I hope this blog post helps you on your way to a better you. If you have any tips please leave them in the comments below! Also, if you liked this blog post, check out my blog: Miss Caffeinated, I write about self-development, bullet journaling and college life. I would love to see you there!


Rebeka lives in Germany. She is originally from Hungary, but her family moved to Germany when I was about 15 years old. About a year and a half ago she moved to Berlin on her own to study there. Recently she became vegan and she is still trying to figure it out, find new make-up and beauty products, supplements and other cool stuff. She is also really into bullet journaling, planning and self-development.


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  1. I definitely think it’s important not to follow the internet blindly when it comes to self development or anything really. Everyone has something to say and not every method is right for every person. Great guest post Rebeka!

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