Tea Party ~~ June Twenty-Seventeen

Welcome to the June Tea Party! Like last month I’ll be chit-chatting about what’s been up in my little corner of the world, and what you can expect coming soon! Feel free to chit-chat back in the comments!

Junetea party

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What Tea I’m Drinking

I’m drinking Matcha Maker from Good Earth. I don’t like green tea, and I definitely don’t like matcha. But this is so delicious! It’s been mid to upper 90s here, but the last couple of days have been so nice and today it’s actually a little chilly.

matcha maker


Where I’m Drinking It

At home again this month. Ryan finally found a summer job and we’ve been extremely busy. So spending a Sunday afternoon at home is lovely. I received this mug as a bridal shower gift, isn’t it adorable!?

love birds mug


What’s Happenin’

As I mentioned, Ryan found a summer job. We’ve both been working as much as possible to save some money. With Independence Day coming up I’ll be working quite a bit at various events.

I actually went to a real tea party with the ladies from my church on Saturday. The outfit below is the outfit I wore!

We’re also in the midst of planning our first family summer vacation. We’re heading to Chicago in August to celebrate my 23rd birthday. I’m certain I will have at least a week’s worth of posts relating to our trip so I won’t share too many details now. Chicago is my favorite city, I’m already counting down the days! I really wish we had more than 3 days for our vacation.


Updates on Goals and Plans from Last Month

Last month I said I wanted to work harder on my fitness goals. So far I’ve lost almost a quarter of the weight I’m hoping to! I’ve readjusted my eating habits and I’m working out in ways I actually enjoy on a regular basis.

Another goal I mentioned was that I wanted to start eating at home more. We’ve been doing really well! Over the last 3 weeks we’ve only eaten out about three times! We’ve tried some delicious new recipes as well as resurrecting our favorites.

I still haven’t figured out something to sell on my blog.


Goals and Plans for Next Month

I want to keep working on my health and fitness goals! At this rate I should be halfway there by the next tea party.

I have some fun things I want to do on the blog next month. I want July to be the “month of challenges”. The goal is to choose challenges that will help me to focus on enjoying life and the things I have.

Here are the challenges:

Wear a different pair of shoes every day for 3 weeks (I only have 20 pairs of shoes… I need one more)

A 30 day instagram challenge: you can follow me here

The Love Dare this is a relationship challenge based in Biblical principals, but I think it has great implications for non-christians too.


June Tea Party Outfit

Top: Rue 21

Skirt: Rue 21

Shoes: A store that has since closed 🙁

Hat: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Rue 21

me me me  me

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  1. Yes..I am totally in LOVE with that mug! Also, I am a huge practicer of eating at home. First, I love that I know everything that is going into my dish. It saves so much money, too!! xx

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