The Boyfriend Husband Tag

I always really enjoy watching Boyfriend Tag videos on Youtube, and I thought it would be a fun idea for a blog post! In a couple weeks it will be our 6 month wedding anniversary. I’m planning to do some wedding/relationship posts during that week. So this is just a fun little taste!

I got this list from YouTube Society. There were originally 19, but I felt like that would be a super long post so I cut it down to 11.

Ryan’s Answers are in italics and my response is in bold


1. She’s sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?

It depends. Right now it’d be Cheers. She finds shows that she loves and then binges them over the course of a week or two.

I would have guessed he would have said Supernatural but he’s right. I binge and I only switch shows if one is too intense to watch while trying to fall asleep then I have a binge show and a sleep show.

2. You’re out to eat, what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?

Some fancy vinaigrette or whatever is healthier. Me, I usually get something that’ll give me hypertension by the time I’m 50.

I cannot believe he got this wrong. While I do love vinaigrette dressings I generally only get them when we’re eating somewhere fancy. Usually I get ranch (because everyone knows I love ranch), but sometimes bleu cheese or Caesar.

3. Whats one food she doesn’t like?

PIZZA. SHE DOESN’T LOVE PIZZA. You know who doesn’t like pizza? Communists, that’s who.

I’m an anarchocapitalist.

4. You go out to eat and have a drink what does she order?

Anything with Rum. Sometimes wine. If it’s not really appropriate to drink alcohol she’ll go with water and lemon.

I’m a pirate.

5. What size shoe does she wear?

Honestly, I have no idea. She has tiny tiny feet though.

I’m a 7.5… I used to be 8.5 then one day I ordered shoes online and they were way too big and ever since I’ve always been a 7.5. Someone explain this to me.

6. What would she eat everyday if she could?

Anything by Blue Apron probably going by her response to it.

I really enjoyed all of our blue apron meals, but if I had to pick one thing it would probably be miso salmon from Cheesecake factory (I’m working on a DIY recipe for the blog, but I can’t quite get the cream sauce to turn out) or my homemade pot pie cupcakes! Or meatloaf and cheesy potatoes… I don’t know… I like food.

7. What is her favorite cereal?

She also doesn’t eat cereal much. Commie.

I don’t eat cereal much because I like to have protein rich breakfasts since I get up so early and don’t get lunch until almost 1. But my favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.

8. Whats her eye color?

They’re the color of the ocean, light blue, kind of steely with a bit of sky mixed in there.

This is cute.

9. Where was she born?

Somewhere in the unknown land between Texas and the rest of the Midwest.

Oklahoma. He means Oklahoma.

10. You bake her a cake for her birthday what kind of cake is it?

Me? Baking? Are you sure you didn’t hit your head too hard? It’d be some store bought mix and it’d be vanilla and I’d use Funfetti frosting. Probably the Halloween kind (because I’ve secretly been eating some of it from the can in the fridge).

Well I thought that can was still unopened… hmm. Well, I’d much prefer a DQ ice cream cake over a baked cake. But I’m not picky. Cake be cake. 

11. What could she spend hours doing

Reading, blogging, galloping because she’s excited, talking to small animals like a mom, yelling at people about how taxation is theft.



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19 Replies to “The Boyfriend Husband Tag”

  1. I think it’s hilarious that your husband makes fun of the fact that you don’t like pizza. I have to agree with him though! Pizza is delicious! I ALSO have a “sleep show” or a “sleep movie.” It’s always The Sound of Music for me.

    with love, Jordyn |

  2. Okay, if you ever find out the answer to the whole shrinking feet thing, let me know. The same thing happened to me and I went from like a 7.5-8 to a 6.5! What the hell! Also, I’m actually dying at the answer about what you do a lot of because it’s so hilarious hahaha. Also, I just finished binge watching Cheers and moved onto Frasier.

    1. Somebody else told me this a while back. She suggested maybe they changed sizing system, but you’d think there would have been a lot more people noticing… and what would be the point?

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